Fiesta about carob in Perou

Being carob our regional heritage and cocktail algarrobina the official drink to toast in the region; the Regional Government Piura, in coordination with the Municipality of Piura, are preparing the Feast of the Algarrobina ‘with a series of programmed from 11 to 15 March activities whose purpose is to commemorate the institutionalization of this flagship product throughout the region.

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Pest destroying Carob trees (Is there a real problem in Malta?)

Four localities affected by carob pest

Report of infected carob trees have been received from four localities, Environment Minister Leo Brincat said this evening.

He told opposition MP Ćensu Galea in reply to a parliamentary question two infected trees had been reported in Fontana, of which one had died; one in Żabbar which had also died, one in Manikata and one in Ta’ Kandja.

Mr Brincat said that through news releases, the Directorate for Plant Health was keeping farmers and the public informed on how to recognise the symptoms and control the situation, where this was possible.

The directorate also made immediate inspections on receipt of any new report.