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AllaboutCarob is a handy digital electronic platform with constantly renewed information about Carob. A journey from fruit growing, harvesting and fruit processing till Carob consumption.

Covering issues of innovation, science, technology, packaging, and safety legislation that are presenting in an efficient way in order to maintain a sufficient level of knowledge and information about everything related to the carob.
Our goal is to inform, fully and effectively, about the current innovations and developments, covering all issues, from plantation till consumption.

The information is collected and evaluated by qualified and distinguished experts in the area of carob and presented in such a way that the reader enjoys the subject of carob. Furthermore it gives the ability to deepen more using the applied scientific references.

The vision of AllaboutCarob is to be the center of knowledge & electronic media for scientists, professionals and consumers. The approach is based on impartial, science-based information about Carob issues.

A webpage for discussion and exchange information about the worldwide situation of cultivation, uses and carob promotion events. From the seed, plant, to carob pods, carob powder, carob syrup LBG biofuel etc. Carob makes a comeback on human nutrition.
AllaboutCarob was created to facilitate the business networking activities of those involved in the carob products business. It will support a worldwide and open network of professionals, farmers, producers, packers, exporters/importers, marketers, wholesalers, and retailers. It also promotes the positive environmental impact of carob cultivation.

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