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  •  Choose from over 210 Carob Powder recipes from sites like Epicurious and Allrecipes…
  • There are a lot yummy recipes with carob powder.
  • There are more than 100 recipes with carob with printer friently version but without pictures.
  • Porugal cake with carob A traditional recipe.
  • Carob Brownies Recipe from Casita Verde Ibiza Spain
  • CretaCarob Carob recipes from a  family company that main focus is the production of different biological products from the Carob Pods.
  • Parpis The Cypriot personal company belonging to Stavros Parpis is one firm that puts in practice the slogan “Learn to eat healthily”, which after all is its own motto
  • Australiancarobs The Australian Carob Co use state-of-the-art machinery to produce the products, including a sophisticated carob kibbler, a large carob roaster and a new carob mill.
  • The carob kitchen australia A 100% Australian owned and operated company, the products are 100% Australian gown and made. They have a passion for food and love of Carob.
  • Chatfield’s A Tradition of Natural Baking Ingredients
  • Sondi Bruner A special Carob Ice cream whith Sunflower seeds from freelance writer and holistic nutritionist.
  •  Nicole Stockton a 16 years young, An enthusiast of all things “Health, Beauty, Fashion & Life” related, Carob, hazelnut and date protein squares
  • Savvy spreads Savvy is a wonderful range of tasty, sweet Australian carob based spreads and snacks and Organic Raw Carob products
  • Cacao, carob and oat crunchy biscuits
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