Carobou Truffle Company has partnered with The Australian Carob Company

Carobou Truffle Company has partnered with The Australian Carob Company to be their National Sales Agent within the United States.

 The Australian Carob Company is owned and operated by Michael and Jam Jolley, and is located in Booborowie, near Burra, South Australia.  Michael and Jam planted their carob orchard from grafted trees in 2000 on a 76-acre block of land. Today there are approximately 6000 carob trees, thriving on the property.

 The orchard is home to seven different varieties of carob trees, including Casuda, Clifford, Sfax, Santa-Fa, Irlam, Tyleria and Waite species. The Jolleys take pride in ensuring each individual tree has the appropriate water requirements and correct pruning year round. The company use sustainable farming practices and no pesticides or insecticides are used on the trees.

From the company website.

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