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Members of  international carob community – Scientific members

Coordinador tιcnico EIG (Empresas Innovadoras de la Garrofa) Consultor tιcnico – Mondial Carob Group (MCG) Dr. Ingeniero Agrσnomo – EMP Agricola Investigador B – IRTA-Mas Bover, Cataluρa. Spain

  • Pedro Josι Realinho Goncalves Correia  (Correia P.J.)  Researchgate

    Professor Associado da αrea departamental de Agronomia  Investigador do Centro de Desenvolvimento de Ciκncias e Tιcnicas de Produηγo Vegetal 

 Biologist, specialization in Ecology. Responsible for the knowledge and sustainable use of carob orchards. Responsible for the bridge between the basic and applied research towards a better acceptance from the farmers and a new perspective for new agro-technological approaches in carob production University of Lisbon. Faculty of Sciences

    Freelancer, Agronomist, PhD in Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Sciences and Technologies. President of CAREX -Carob Exploiters (an association to promote carob cultivation and its products), responsible of project “Carob Clean Energy”. Specialized on Carob tree micropropagation.  Partner at Primavera Iblea srl , legal representative at  FARM Project s.n.c.

   Professor, Laboratory of Food Engineering and Processing, Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture
Aristotle University,  Thessaloniki, Greece . Specialized on ethanol and citric acid production from carobs.

   Assistant Professor of Food Biochemistry, University of the Aegean . Recovery of natural bioactive substances (i.e. antioxidants and pigments) from agri-food by-products and wastes and implementation of technological platforms for application in food systems, as functional colorants and / or stabilizers (antioxidants and / or antimicrobials).Specialized on ethanol production from carobs and phenols extraction.

Members of  indernational carob comunity                        – Chef, Blogers, Confectioners, Businessman etc

Lawrence Holmes

Lawrence Holmes planted 50,000 carob trees in the 1920s and sold off plots to potential carob barons. Soon the valley boasted carob and citrus groves, homes, a school, and a store. The need for water in Los Angeles brought significant change to the valley when the Metropolitan Water Department constructed a terminus reservoir for the proposed Colorado River Aqueduct during the 1930s. read more

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The ever younger carob promoter TeachEthnobotany (This video on carob was created by Ella Thompson for Dr. Quave’s “Food, Health and Society” course at Emory University in December 2013).

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Carob harvest Crete – Greece 2014 by AllaboutCarob
In Greece carob trees grow on low fertility soils. The trees usually are grown without fertilization and irrigation, only little pruning is necessary. Greece is the third carob producer in the World. There are many different carob varieties. The harvesting period in Greece is usually from 20 August to 20 October. Carobs is used as animal feed and on human nutrition. Carob syrup, carob powder and carob kibbles are the main carob products for directly use in human nutrition. All the above products are also used from industry. There are also products derived from carob seeds which are used mainly in the food industry.